The Third installment of the sellout NZ Comic Con Horror Series sees participants enter the attic of the Wellington Museum.

If you talk to security they will tell you that some of the darker aspects of Wellingtons history come to life when the lights go out and the main doors close…..

From the creepy attic, small groups of participants follow the rope down through 4 levels of terror.

At each level you must make a decision about what corridor you will go down. Will you make the right decision? Remember to keep watching for a sign of the woken exhibits. (they are behind you)

Date Friday 2nd of June and Saturday 3rd of June

Time: 7:00pm to 12.30am

The length of time it takes to get through this event is estimated to be 25 to 45 mins.

This is an R14 event.

There are discounts for groups of 3 or more people. The Best Group Size is between 4 and 6 people.
Make sure you arrive 10 mins before hand. If you do not we cannot guarantee your entrance to this event as there will be a backlog of people.
No Door Sales
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